Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August Fog Blooms Winter's Snow

The Amish often share "old sayings" and this morning was one of those moments. I love hearing them and as of yet, I have not heard one that hasn't proven itself to be true. John Zook was over this morning about peaches when he said, "There's an old saying that August fog blooms winter's snow." Human Resources was quite excited to hear that, since we won a bid on two pairs of cross country skis at a neighbor's auction Saturday morning. I'm just thrilled for the cool, calm and misty morning. It will be nice for getting our demolition and building projects completed.


christianne said...

Beautiful photo Tanya! We were working outside today so the cool foggy August day was such a blessing. By the way does that Amish saying mean we are in for another winter like last year?

Jenn and Darin said...

Yeah we can't wait for some cooler weather too!

Tanya said...

I'm not certain how much snow the saying says we are going to get, but I sure wouldn't mind if we got a good amount - we love getting out the snowmobile!

We are starting to see a little yellowing in the tree leaves - autumn is just around the corner!