Friday, September 3, 2010

Civil War Days in Lamoni

These photos are so hot out of the camera they are still smoking!  We had a great time and we could hardly wait to tell about it!

We started off in the Rebel Camp.  Great southern hospitality!  Beautiful horses and fabulous weaponry!

This gentleman is pulling out his sword so we can see what it looks like!  He also told us about how it was used in battle and if you didn't hold it properly, you would most likely break your sword when you ran it through a soldier.  The Cavalry carried the swords and a shorter rifle than the infantry men.

The horses, we were told, were 'battle proof.'  Many of the horses there had been filmed in battle scenes for movies.  In fact, when we got to see the cannon go off, the horses that were tied not hardly 20 feet away didn't even flinch!

Beautiful afternoon for kicking back in camp and resting a spell.


How's this for a 'trigger finger' - I captured the cannon right when it fired!

Here's another 'trigger finger.'  I think I'd be a little more scared around this one!!

After hanging out in the rebel camp and talking with everyone there, we walked over to the federal camp.  We got to play with guns here too...

Heavy?  Yup!

Now here is a really pretty cannon!

Its a howitzer mountain 20 pounder, and was used by the military from 1840's until 1910.

This Union Soldier is all decked out and ready for battle!

And this little guy looks like he's ready for a nap!

And what is a war without the surgeon?

He opened up all of his gear and told us all about it!  He can do an amputation with the above tool in nothing more than three minutes!

Pretty primitive, eh?