Monday, October 19, 2009

Interview With a Twelve Year Old

Me: So your 12th birthday has finally arrived! How does it feel to be 12?

12 yr old: I don't know how to describe it. But all I know is I'm one year closer to 100.

Me: Wow! I've never heard 12 described in quite that manner. You really have a way with words!

12 yr old: Thank you!

Me: So have you noticed much change in technology in the last 12 years?

12 yr old: Yes. For example, Wii's have replaced game cube and nintendo 64. Hybrid cars are a less expensive car to run. Text messaging on playstation 3s and palm pilots.

Me: Wow! That is pretty phenomenal progress. Did you know that TV used to be only in black and white?

12 yr old: Kinda. Ya, I guess so.

Me: So what does it mean to you to be 12 years old?

12 yr old: I get to pass the sacrament on Sundays, and attend Young Men's on Wednesday and Boy Scouts.

Me: Cool! What do you enjoy most in scouts?

12 yr old: Hiking and camp outs!

Me: I hear the scouts like to camp in the snow.

12 yr old: What?!?

Me: Does this concern you?

12 yr old: Uh, Ya!

Me: Why would this be a concern?

12 yr old: I don't sleep well in the cold...

Me: You are supposed to sleep on camp outs? I didn't know that!

12 yr old: They aren't called camp outs for nothing.

Me: What would you like to be when you grow up?

12 yr old: video game creator

Me:What kind of education do you need to be successful as a video game creator?

12 yr old: Electronics, Computers, and maybe a little bit of math.

Me: What is the first video game you want to create?

12 yr old: An adventure type game that happens during the medieval times.

Me: Sounds exciting! Did you know that in only two years you will be able to go to church dances and dance with cute girls?


Me: And did you know that in only four years you will be able to drive?

12 yr old: I already know how to drive.

Me: Oh. That's right! I almost forgot... So what kind of great things do you hope to accomplish during your 12th year?

12 yr old: Learn how to track animals using my field guide that I got for my birthday. Eat lots of shrimp flavored Ramen. Learn to swim better. Build a kayak with my Dad. And play baseball.

Me: Thank you, 12 year old, for your precious time! The minutes are just ticking away and before you know it you will have your 13th birthday. Happy Birthday baby boy!