Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Delayed Post

Why the delay, you might be wondering?  I really couldn't tell you.  My guess is that I've put off posting these pictures for  four days because of some deep psychological sense of denial that this last week even happened.  Maybe it is because last week made me so tired that the thought of post pictures would make me remember how tired and sore I was.  Tim is trying to talk me into going back up this weekend and doing some more work.  I think I'd rather do the hard work that completely overwhelms me here at home...  I think I need some ice cream now!  With lots of choclate!

Bedroom upstairs during plaster removal.

Same bedroom, different angle.

Ceiling of that bedroom.  Ceilings are very traumatic for me.  Not so much physically, since we packed the hardhat this time.  Much more psychologically damaging.

Smallest Bedroom ceiling and chimney.

Smallest bedroom closet.

Smallest bedroom wall and ceiling.
Really not bad... considering...

Hallway upstairs, looking into the smallest bedroom.
Left wall came down.  There is a chimney behind that wall and its difficult to see where the plaster on the backside of that chimney (on lath) has buckled.

Ceiling in stairwell.  Was looking for shortcuts here.  Maybe we don't need to insulate the exterior wall.  Then we had a propane leak from the ancient 500 gallon tank that sits beyond this window.  They guy who fixed it told us he used to fill it.  He usually filled it once a month during the winter.  At today's prices, that would be a heating bill of $1000.00 a month.  My new mantra, while I knock plaster off of walls is "$1000.00 a month, $1000.00 a month!"  The only shortcut here will be $1000.00 a month!

Upstairs bathroom.  The thing in the upper corner over the toilet says Ideal Watercloset.  I need to do some more research to find out more.

The Happy Dance after dropping the plaster in the third upstairs bedroom.  This was the first upstairs room that we completed.  We danced after the second bedroom.  After the third one, we didn't dance anymore.  I think we were conserving energy for life preserving functions as we finished knocking plaster down upstairs and cleaned it all up, then went downstairs and knocked most everything that needed to come down downstairs.  Need to finish and clean it up.  Then pretend that it never happened so I can can resume my normal sleeping habits once again.

No more pictures. 

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christianne said...

You all are doing such a GREAT job! We feel your fatigue...it will help to see a room sheetrocked or even the first piece up, it really gives you a lift. Even if it is the smallest room in the house. :~>