Tuesday, September 29, 2009

10 Years Ago Today

Ten years ago we welcomed our 2nd son into the world! What a thrill he has been in our little family! After a challenging pregnancy, and his several attempts to get out early (on good behavior?), our bundle of boy managed to make his debut only 3 days before his due date! He weighed in at a healthy nine pounds and 1 ounce.
Only hours new!

Yummy Ritz!

Uncle Bryan's Airforce issue BCG's!
A suprise visitor at the San Diego Zoo!
3rd Birthday! Puppy Love!
It seems that I suffer from some sort of handicap which leaves me with the inability to comprehend the ever flowing passage of time! Where it goes and how long it has been gone does not make any sense to me!! So here I sit and write, once again, a bit dumbfounded that someone so little could suddenly be so grown up, and that someone so helpless could suddenly have the ability to climb to the tops of walnut trees and just as easily climb himself down! I can only conclude that it will be all too sudden that he will be traveling to the edge of the world and back again, and I will stand in awe at my little baby boy!

Logan, UT
Trying not to smile!
Just chillin'!


christianne said...

Happiest of Birth Days!

Once Upon A Mountain said...

Happy birthday Callan. Time sure goes by fast even in the country. Hope to see you soon. We love you.