Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Zoo Membership

This was such an exciting day!  The two little people in my life announced one day that we should all go to the zoo for my birthday!  So that is what we did!  Then we paid a few dollars more and turned our day's admission into a year membership!  Cool!

The first item of business was to figure out which way we were going.  After we lost all of our maps within the first 30 minutes of our arrival, we just followed our hearts!!

The day was beautiful - not too hot and not too cold!

And the critters were very cooperative and let us get a good look at them!

Cheetahs were the most anticipated visit of the day!  Avery and Gracie Anne both have a deep love for Cheetahs and could hardly wait until we found them.

I love this picture!  It reminds me of a little Callan and his first encounter with a polar bear!

For me!  I had a very memorable day with the most precious people in my life!!  I couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate 40 years!!!

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