Sunday, November 15, 2009

Latest in Film

I developed a couple of rolls of b&w film yesterday. My latest adventures in film weren't up to par! I was a bit disappointed with all of my mistakes, including these rare captures of her Royalness. I didn't meter very well and wound up underexposing. I couldn't help myself with all of the great backlighting from the sun (can be a challenge to meter off of), and being extremely out of practice, I failed the challenge! What a bummer, since it doesn't happen very often that one of my kids decides to cooperate when I have a Kodak moment come over me!! These are extremely doctored up and a few artistic filters added to fudge up on some seriously bruised pixels. The rest of the shots are straight scans from film, no dust spotting, etc.

Look at her tease me!! She's thinkin' "if mom only knew how off she was on her shutter speed...!"

Oh! and look at this one! Sweeter than sugar!
She's really good, isn't she! LOL

How priceless is this one! It is screaming for a big frame over the piano... Even the CEO and President of the company seems to know that these shots aren't going to end up wall worthy! Look how sweetly he is looking at his baby sister! A short moment of peace in their rivalous relationship! LOL I'm afraid the only way I can preserve this one is to pull out some art paper and pencils and give it a whirl... Only problem is I'm extremely out of practice in the drawing and painting department! And the last time I managed, I drew a bunch of flies... Which I should at least be grateful for - at least I could draw something! LOL

Sigh! The sun going down on a lovely fall evening!

Ely's hack is full of pumpkins! This one screamed black and white film! Lighting wasn't so challenging.

Couldn't resist the close up on all of the pumpkins either!

And here's a fun one! I've been working on some senior pictures for friends. Focusing seems to be a problems among other challenges (time to see the eye dr.?), but I think I can safely say that if you want to comission me to take some pictures of your shoes and your books, I might be able to pull that off! LOL

Practice makes perfect! I need to load up my cameras again and play some more!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Little Deacon!

This weekend has been one of many exciting moments! The weekend was preceeded with the arrival of the Apple Farmer's parents!! It's been so wonderful to have Grammie and Papa with us!
This weekend is our Stake Conference weekend. Because our Stake presidency was also reorganized, the weekend became quite unique. It has been filled with great adoration for the three men who have served these many years in this capacity! We have reflected on memories of the many ways they have shown their love for the Lord, as well as for us as members. As a new Stake President is called, we have the honor of a visit from one of the Apostles. For us, it was Elder Nelson who came to speak and to call the new stake presidency. Part of this calling process involves a personal interview with all of the stake's Bishops and Branch Presidents within the Stake. This meant that the Apple Farmer had the very unique opportunity to be interviewed by an Apostle of Jesus Christ!
Since Human Resources turned 12 and is worthy of the priesthood, today's very special event took place at our good friends', the Hanson's home. Mason was ordained to the office of a Deacon. The ordinance was performed by his Dad, his Grandpa, Bishop Hanson and his Deacon Advisor, Brother Lichfield.
We are all so excited for him.

Hmmmm. Some little stow-aways were found hanging out in Cody's room!

Best $5.00 Ever Spent!!

$2.00 in gas to get to the Thrift Store and home again.
$3.00 for a suit he's been begging for, for well over a year. The look on his face when he wears it.... PRICELESS!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Human Resources: Um. Do you use shampoo or soap on your bald spot?
Apple Farmer: .....

Director of Human Resources should know that he can be sued for discriminating
against people who are Folically Challenged.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Apple Farmer!

To my Apple Farmer - wishing you many, many more happy birthdays! I love you!!

And to my Mom and Dad by choice - Thank you!!!!

Farewell to Summer and Fall...

Farewell to sunny picnics

and yummy melons to share with friends!

Farewell to the flower garden and catnaps at the well.

Farewell to camping in old Nauvoo until the warm weather returns!

Farewell to orchard tours.

Farewell to the employee parking lot until next harvest time!

Farewell to barefeet and sundresses!

Farewell to creepy spiders too!

Farewell to beautiful suprise apple pies from neighbors who care!

Farewell to super swing rides until the weather turns nice and fair!

Farewell to harvest parties until next harvest year!

Farewell to carmel apple boats

Farewell to crispy apples too!

Farewell to Aunt Michelle until you can come to stay again!

Farewell to halloween!

Farewell to summer and fall!

Lookin' forward to you again next year!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Ya'll might be wondering how we celebrate halloween when you live on a farm in the middle of nowhere! Here's how:

We dress up...

We hop in the truck...

and we find a good party to sneak in on!

The boys all enjoyed coming up with their own costumes! The two older boys had a great time rummaging through stuff at our local thrift store. For between .65 and 1.00 they managed to be very creative in their choice of costumes! The president was so excited to use his hand-me down Lion from his cousin Evrhett! Her Royalness was tickled when her mama squeezed in a little costume making time and came up with her own take on Strawberry Shortcake (yup - she even has a Custard the Cat...)

I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to pull this one off. Something that I always enjoyed doing was sewing up a costume for my kids when they are so little. So you can imagine my own excitement when I did manage to create this little costume and dress her up!! Of course, as soon as I finished dressing her up, she turned to her brother, Avery, and said, "Come on Appo Dumpwing (translation: Apple Dumplin')!" She tried to pick him up as if the costume came included with the strength to do so, and when she found she couldn't she exclaimed, "Ooooh! Appo Dumpwing! You so heavy!" It was priceless to watch, however, what was even more priceless was the look on her brother's face when he realized she had transformed him into her baby sister Apple Dumplin!! I wish I could have a picture of that!!