Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Time Flies!

It really does fly!  So much has flown this time that I will have to update my journal as I pick up from here and now and go forward!  We have moved again!  We are now city people living in Des Moines, IA and several new adventures await us.  Currently we are hoping that winter will hurry up and finish!  It has been extremely cold!!!  We also need to ready our Nebraska Home so we can sell it!  With our move, Tim has a new job to learn and our kids were very interested in starting public school so this they have done!  This has freed up a lot of time for me during the day to keep up on house work, work on small projects to update our house and make it feel like home, commit myself to running a 1/2 marathon in June, and to pursue my art which I have let go for many years!!  So many changes!!! Including a new blog, more aptly named since we seem to keep getting further and further from anything having to with farming apples.