Friday, February 17, 2012

Middle Room

You are looking at a picture of a very happy girl.  Her very happy brother isn't in the picture because he was being very helpful for his Daddy!!

The reason for all of this happiness?  They are loving their new bedroom!

It was so funny after getting things moved in!  All of the monkeys sat on the bed and were completely silent as they admired.  I asked them if they were stunned because they were soooo quiet.  One said that he didn't know it could look this good.  Another said he thought it would be nice, but he didn't imagine that it would be so bright. 

Of course there is more work to do in here, but there has been great joy in living in this room!

I commissioned one of my Amish neighbors back in Missouri to build my 'brooding nest' shelves.  I LOVE it from the bottom of my heart!!  I think that this turned out to be a good choice for my vast collection of old and new children's books!  We've enjoyed reading stories every night!  We are currently reading the stories of Uncle Remus and that very tricky B'rer Rabbit.

I also like collecting old linens.  I only get them if I can pay less than a dollar!  Most of my collection comes from estate auctions.

This is the quilt detail of this amazing quilt my Mom made for Gracie Anne!  Not only is the majority of it hand applique, but the flower shaped yo-yos were all made by hand and it is completely hand quilted!  This is a treasure for sure!!

The bed.  After glazing it, Avery asked me why I made it so dirty!  So I had to explain.

From the hall.

From the closet.

The best part is that I am in awe!  I can't believe we did this and I love how it turned out!