Monday, April 20, 2009

Trouble with the Local Deere...

Check out the Apple Farmers brand new company vehicle. Hardly 4 weeks old! Already over 8000 miles on it.

This is what the local deer look like.

This is what the other local Deere look like.This is what the Apple Farmer's new car looks like after the Apple Farmer's wife tried to pass a local Deere on the road....

Any Questions?

(No one was hurt in the passing of the Deere - nor when we landed in the ditch - Her Royal Highness slept through it all).

Braeburn Blooms

Here is what you get when you drive 1/4 mile with a dog with flatulence!
Or was that a 1/4 mile with the President with Flatulence?

We drove through the orchard to see how bloom was progressing, of course, with the windows down. We are at 'pink.'

Wierd Science?

What is the strange glow coming from the box in the kitchen?

Yellow Peeps!

Birthday Cupcakes

Not exactly a green field of spring flowers, but it sure was cheery on a blustery day as we anxiously await for spring to arrive!
Besides! She loved them and that is what matters!

Friday, April 3, 2009