Sunday, October 12, 2008

Potty Plumbing Problems

It all began this afternoon when it was discoverred that a little blue hairbrush was flushed down the toilet. Everyone tried their hardest to reach the brush in the depths of the potty. Here the manly men stand with freshly sanitized hands and arms. The brush was finally retrieved, however, being that nothing is simple around here, there is currently a disabled toilet in our house until later notice! We plan ahead to take the trek down to the second bathroom in the old marketplace.

More California Family Bliss!

Sandy and her three week old grandbaby Charlotte Fleur! Niece Carli and Sister-in-law Michelle - Aren't they just beautiful?!

Dave, Her Royal Higness and Michelle
Her Royal Highness and her cousins Abby, Kayli, Jaimie and Charlotte

It was so wonderful to spend time with family!!

...That's What a Hamburger's all about!

Burger Perfection! What more can be said?!?! Her Royal Higness is speechless after devouring burger and fries.
Tara's Alyssa enjoys her pink lemonade!

The Memorial Service, Shasta Lake, CA

Aunt Dianne and Aunt KathyCousin Mary - she lives in Tahoe and still Skis!
Some of the Great Grandchildren
Her sleepy Royal Highness
Way cute cousin crew

Her Royal Highness, Me, Kathy Anne and Grammie Anne

Her Royal Highness with her Nana

Cousins Annie, Barbara and Aunt Vicki (their good sides!)
Cousins Tom, Tommy John, Annie, Dudley, Barbara, Me and Ashlee
Nieces Noelle, Brianna and my Dad

A special salute!

My Grandpa

John Charles Taylor April 22 1921 - October 1, 2008 Photo by Tara
Hat Creek, CA Summer 2008

For Some Must Push and Some Must Pull-ey

Who would have thought a simple pulley could provide so much entertainment! Human Resources and the Attorney found this pulley in the packing shed. Between Taffy's tie down cable and Her Royal Higness's swing, this forgotten pulley has gotten more hours of use in comparison to what it was probably orginally intended for. It first began as the Kitty Zip-line. After making a few adjustments, the crew tried to gather up the kitty's. I looked out the windows to see a streak of white, a flash of orange, and black was apparently long gone! Since cooperation was not likely with the feline subjects, The Attorney and Human Resources donated themselves to the cause. They are still trying to work out small problems, for example, how to get the pulley to carry them to the end of the cable instead of stopping in the middle of the cable....

Stop!! Thief!!

We couldn't figure out where the corn cobs all over the front lawn were coming from. Then two weeks ago the Apple Farmer's Dad happened to spy Taffy trotting across the highway towards the front yard. She had been in the neighbor's sweet corn patch and in her mouth was an ear of beautiful sweet corn. The corn stalk it was attached to was dragging behind her!

Woolly Bear Caterpillar

Familiar since Colonial times as the "Woolly Bear," the caterpillar is often seen crossing roads and paths on warm days in late fall. According to superstition, the amount of black in the caterpillar's bristle coating forecasts the severity of the coming winter.

Our 15.7 Ounce Honeycrisp